• Aphro3D where idea fits
  • SaaS Model Cloud-based R&D Collaboration Solutions
  • Complete 3D Ecosystem
  • Fashion Transformation, Digital Production
  • Full Chain Intelligent Manufacturing Link Production

Digital Pattern Room

  • The Best Beginning Pattern Module
  • PDS
  • Quickly complete the beginning Pattern
  • Variety of tools for pattern making
  • Automatic Grading Module
  • Provides multiple grading methods
  • Support for secondary modification of grading values
  • Automatically determines the grading direction
  • Intelligent Marking Module
  • More economical Nesting system
  • MNC nesting

Intelligent Spreading

Various models for your choice


Intelligent Cutting

More Profitable and Sustainable

PGM intelligent cutting machine has higher production efficiency, better cutting precision, quality and lower energy consumption to help apparel enterprises save production costs and create a more profitable and sustainable intelligent cutting solution

Intelligent Spreading And Cutting Programme

Intelligent Equipment, Efficient Processes

Protecting Your Equipment for Optimal Operation

Inspection and maintenance of wearing parts and consumables, regular maintenance and repair of the cutting machine, to extend the use of time, help enterprises to improve production efficiency.

Accessory Upgrade