Services Before Cutting

Customised Virtual Proofing

Quickly complete product virtual prototyping, real-time rendering

Rapid Optimization of Product Design

Virtual Proofing Technology Seamlessly Connects the Production Side


help soft furnishings enterprises based on fashion trends and customer demand

Fashion & Apparel

Rapid Sample Stripping, Linked Production

Real-time synchronisation of patterns files to subsequent nesting software and cutting systems

Intelligent Spreading

Various models for your choice


Rapid Cutting of Patterns

Intelligent CNC Cutting with High Efficiency and Low Energy Consumption

PGM has a wide range of smart blades to suit different cutting needs. Automatic conveyortable, cutterhead locking, continuous cutting system, high -speed sharpening system and vacuum system help companies to cut pieces quickly and with high quality

Intelligent Spreading And Cutting Programme

Intelligent Equipment, Efficient Processes

Protecting Your Equipment for Optimal Operation

Inspection and maintenance of wearing parts and consumables, regular maintenance and repair of the cutting machine, to extend the use of time, help enterprises to improve production efficiency.

Accessory Upgrade